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"Yoruba Muslims Wake Up"Why Is The Sultan Of Sokoto The Supreme Head Of All Muslims In Nigeria?

Not only was this snuck into the 1999 constitution with a govt funded office of the Supreme Council of Islam that makes the Sultan of Sokoto as the Supreme authority on Islamic affairs and all Muslims but the Sultan also doubles as the permanent head of all traditional stools. This makes your Obas, Ooni, Obis, etc subjects under the Sultan.

How this came about is anyone's guess. Was the south sleeping when Abdullsalami dusted Abacha's personally authored constitution and handed it to Obasanjo on May 29, 1999?

To the topic : Why cant Yoruba Muslims appoint their own spiritual leader?

The Sultan of Sokoto is for Fulani Muslims and their slaves. To be subjected under the whips and caprices of his fatwas is to subject yourselves to Fulani Islam and to lower your own Islamic identity.


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