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Oshiomole Slams Peter Obi Back For Saying "Tinubu Can Never Be Nigeria’s President"

National chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Today slammed Peter Obi and all PDP member for trying to stop Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He said the future of Nigeria is not in the hands of Igbo's
“The future of Nigeria is not in the hands of Peter Obi. Yesterday belonged to PDP, today belongs to Nigerians.

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The APC chairman said this today in a meeting with Tinubu in Lagos.

He said.

He heard that Peter Obi slammed Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday, that he will never be Nigeria’s President, "that sound funny".
This is what I want to ask him, who will be the next President, is it your grand father.

Some of PDP member did more than eight years. For all the rubbish you all have did to Nigeria, we still forgive you all, now the man who can lead Nigeria to the promise land is about to run.

Oshiomole also accused some retired generals of truncating the anti corruption war in the country, submitting that “when Buhari came and sent everyone that stole money to jail they toppled him… they kept him away for 3 1/2 years and they spent 9 years.
“They wanted to continue in government but God did not support them”.

“There is no doubt if Bola Ahmed Tinubu run in 2023 he will win the election.
“Peter Obi and his party member will remain in Nigeria and sees the big crowd.”

Oshiomole said it was the PDP that was an expert in rigging, threatening that the APC would soon begin showing the videos of where PDP were planning to rig election way back in 2015 on national and some private television stations.

He accused the opposition PDP of causing the economic problem facing Nigeria today saying that N16 billion was taken from the treasury during the Obasanjo regime with nothing to show for it, saying that Atiku Abubakar and Obasanjo should account for the money.

“There is no way someone can repair the damage the PDP did to Nigeria in 16 years in 8 years, it take more than 16 year to rest everything”. Oshiomole declared.

The APC chairman also drew the attention of Nigeria to watch Peter Obi.

He said

Obi is a thief, all is saying is to change people's mind set, Bola Ahmed Tinubu this the real man to save Nigeria after Buhari


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