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An Evil Woman Named Mrs Nwobu Has Been Cast Out (Pictures)

She is from Enugu-ukwu in anambra state but got married to one Mr chukwudi in umuowelle village of AGULU and left the said husband and went on to live with another man in umubiala village of same AGULU where she began the atrocities she has been doing.

It all started as a film this morning there was a land in AGULU called "ala ndi ichie " the land is an ancient land owned by AGULU people and it is so sacred that no every human goes into that very land and female entities don't penetrate or carry on activities such as cultivation and other things.

Her said man that she was living with at the moment happened to be the person sweeping that very place and cleaning the place but todays story was not so sweet to them as the man beckoned on his ijelle wife to come and partake in the incantation and she followed her suit.

They went and began to do some incantation and dancing but to the notice of the people that was around there it turned into surprises seeing a woman in the sacred place of the great AGULU people. It was indeed so terrible and shocking to the people who quickly called on the elders of the town to come and see for themselves after which the town youths and mascurade went to the house of the ijelle woman and to their greatest surprise they discovered that this woman has been harbouring different kinds of dangerous idols and turned the whole house into a shrine pretending to be a prophetess and a sabatharian but not knowing that she is a dangerous evil woman that kills and makes all sorts of charms 

The whole house was filled with fetishes and powerful charms and the one they called "ijelle" too, this woman was forced by the youth to carry all the idols out and burn them which she did after which she was handed to the security of the town for more torturing 
What a bad woman .........


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