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Nnamdi Kanu To Presidency "We 've You Under Close Surveillance. You're Finished"

Nnamdi Kanu To Presidency "We 've You under Close Surveillance. You're Finished and Nigeria Is Dead"

Tell them that IPOB runs one of the most efficient intelligence agencies in the world. There is nothing you do or that happens in Aso Villa we don't know. The efficiency of our intelligence gathering is only comparable to Mossad. Yes, we don't believe in violence or guns due to our peaceful approach to this struggle but one thing we have is "superior intelligence gathering," aided by our Biafran homegrown information gathering and surveillance technology, which has allowed us to stay one step ahead of your evil plans and to scuffle them.

That same superior intelligence is why I'm alive today; we knew you were coming to kill me in Abia on the day you invaded my home. We knew the time and direction you were coming from and we successfully evaded you to show you how useless you are. We have decided how to fight this war, we have chosen to fight it not by violence and bullets like animals in the zoo but by truth and superior intelligence like civilized people.

If You Know What's Coming, You Will Let My People Go! Let My People Go! Chukwu Okike Abiama has asked me to come and take them with me to the promise land (Biafraland). The very same holy land our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gad and Eri were buried in.


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