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Why Nigeria May Never Move Forward

I woke up yesterday to unsavoury post of Ade Cooker on her Rant HQ. I am Igbo and a member of the group. I have never even posted on that group, and rarely comments. I sometimes enjoy funny posts and stories there. There are thousands of Igbos like me that on that group, including my wife.

May be a few people may have cast aspirations on her, probably some of Igbo extraction (This is an assumption). I did even recognise that I am an Igbo on that group, just an ordinary person. I don't even read her personal post, she wasn't great at humour, I am not as well.

Imagine me waking up seeing the post “Why are Igbos touchy, are they on their period". At this point, I fully recognise that I'm an Igbo in that group. I didn't even border reporting her, I just left. I called my wife, she told me she saw it and left as well. Imagine the damage she caused.

Every right thinking person should caution her irrespective of tribe or religion. But no, some people support her because she's from their tribe or enemy of their enemy. But this does not end here. It has eaten deep into our fabric as a people. You see average Nigerian blindly supporting failed people, just because they are from their ethnic extraction.

We can never progress if we continue this way. For those that think Nigeria will get better, it's more of a dream than reality because we support evil and bigotry. It's headed gradually to downhill unless we collectively change.


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