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Yoruba Muslim Induced Division Between Igbo's And Nigerdelta Oil

There are those who out of ignorance or foolishness or both, constantly and divisively refer to a portion of Biafraland as oil rich Niger Delta to be excised from the rest of Biafra for the benefit of One Nigeria. Some of these deluded fools from the #Zoõõō especially their newscasters, commentators, newspaper feature writers and columnists from Yorubaland, supported by their wretched pipeline guarding counterparts in the lugubriously named Niger Delta region often claim the yearning for Biafra has something to do with Igbos wanting their oil or "Oyel" as they prefer to call it. What a shame! How daft and unknowledgeable these morons truly are.

These band of idiots often forget that every square inch of Igboland is full of oil, gas and highly sought after precious minerals including rare earth. Igboland is the only place on the planet where coal, oil, gas and highly sought after minerals occur side by side. Name the state in the South East that hasn't got oil. Shell is in Egbema. Agip is in Ohaji. Shell is in Ugwuta and Ukwa. Orient oil is in Agulueri/Umueri. Addax Oil is in Awomama and Izombe. Ohaji has the largest in-use gas field in Africa piped to the coast and shipped to world markets.

The largest oil field in West Africa presently located in Nsukka, yes Nsukka.

The dreaded Chinese, brought in by Gov. Dave Umahi, are exploiting our land by stripping it of valuable mineral resources not found anywhere else in Africa apart from Congo.

If oil and gas or mineral deposits is the main reason why we are agitating for Biafra, then it would have been more prudent to abandon everybody else and seek a homogeneous Igbo nation. But the fact is that BLOOD is thicker than OIL. All Biafrans are one people and we are leaving the Zóøòö at the same time. Our greatest natural resource is our God given ingenuity and intelligence not something located under the ground.


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